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54 Portsmouth Street, Suite 116 Concord NH 3301
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Colin Lawson

Colin Lawson
Job title 
New England Culvert Project Coordinator
About me 
I joined the TU team in 2010 and presently head up the New England Culvert Project. I mainly work on aquatic connectivity issues as well as develop instream coldwater habitat across Massachusetts, New Hampahire (where I live) and Vermont. The work we do includes assessing road stream crossings for both aquatic organism passage (AOP) and hydraulic capacity as well as installing large instream wood structures to enhance habitat diversity. Where we find connectivity problems, we engage with a diverse group of local, state, federal, and NGO partners to replace deteriorated or undersized crossings to allow for the natural movement of water and wildlife during all flow conditions. Please feel free to contact me at if your community has a need to evaluate existing road crossing infrastructure or if you are interested in our large wood habitat work. Regards, Colin
Group membership 
Virginia - 9VA

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