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115 N 5th Street #409 Grand Junction CO 81502
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(307) 690-1267

Richard Van Gytenbeek

Richard Van Gytenbeek
Job title 
Colorado River Organizer
About me 
My name is Richard Van Gytenbeek and I work for TU's Western Water Project as the Colorado River Basin Outreach Coordinator. From my home in Grand Junction I travel throughout western Colorado meeting with elected officials, businesses, organizations and individuals about TU's collaborative efforts with the agricultural community and the importance of healthy rivers to West Slope communities and their economies. My current effort is a program called Our Colorado River. The goals of the program is to highlight WWP efforts on the West Slope and to enlist support for the program's core values. The five core values speak to cooperation among water users, protection of agriculture, protection of open space and wildlife habitat and employing innovative water management techniques. Individuals, businesses, elected officials and organizations can express support for the core values by going to our website and becoming a signatory. Supporters will help to tell Colorado's water leaders that the core values should be reflected in the evolving Colorado Water Plan.
Favorite quote 
"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Teddy Roosevelt.
Other Interests 
Alpine skiing
Backcountry skiing
mountain biking
Group membership 
Grand Valley Anglers - 319
Colorado - 9CO

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